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Very comfortable to play and available in all keys, these flutes have an open-ended first chamber that is pressed against the mouth to create a seal then blown into through pursed lips, offering very close control and reducing moisture build-up.
The bird tone block is inspired by the song thrush. Eagle head and carved bear claw totem blocks are also available for this type of flute.
Prices start from £90 inc. postage and packaging.


This flute type features two individual sound chambers side by side – one side is tuned normally to play the melody, while the other is tuned to the fundamental root note of the flute.
Offering a tapered mouthpiece with two separate blowholes, it can be played as a solo flute or as a drone when you blow into both. Available in all keys, these are very meditative, hypnotic instruments to play.
Prices start from £180 inc. postage and packaging.


These flutes are open-ended but feature a narrower bore at the tapered down mouthpiece – offering the same comfort and response as the bird flute but with a sleeker look and feel.
The tone block is streamlined with a cut-out ‘chimney’ that allows the flute to be played with more volume. It is available in all keys.
Prices start from £90 inc. postage and packaging.


Simple flutes are beautiful, but I also love to take some extra time when working with rare woods to make something truly magical. Adding to the natural beauty of the wood itself, I inlay Paua shell, Abalone or crushed turquoise. To enrich the tone even further, I also sometimes add a sterling silver fipple edge.
Individually carved tone blocks with animal totems and inlay offer an extra special touch to these unique flutes.
Prices start from £175 inc. postage and packaging.

The pictured flutes may / may not be available but similar can be made to order.